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Iowa DNR: Newborn deer should be left alone!

Posted: Wed, Jun 5, 2019 5:30 PM

The Iowa DNR is reminding the public that prime fawning season has arrived for area white-tailed deer.  

That means that hikers and walkers may come across what might look like an "abandoned" fawn.  DNR wildlife research biologist Jim Coffey is reminding people to leave the fawn alone: "The worst thing someone can do is to 'rescue' the fawn. Mom is likely nearby and watching you"

Newborn deer have been sighted in Decorah on the Luther College campus.  Staffers say they have witnessed somewhat aggressive behavior by some of the mothers as they act to protect their young from any perceived threat.

The DNR says people should keep their distance from the deer, especially the young. If an adult deer appears aggressive, walk away to create distance between yourself and the animals. Do not attempt to approach the young; even if it appears they are alone the mother is likely nearby.