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North Winneshiek will spend $154,400 on a new septic system

Posted: Mon, Jun 3, 2019 5:48 PM

The North Winneshiek School Board Monday afternoon voted unanimously to spend $154,400 to hire Blazek Corporation of Lawler to install a new septic system at North Winneshiek School.

Blazek was the lowest bidder on the project, which will also include an aerobic package process with UV disinfection.

An engineering consultant's probable cost estimate for the project was $134,000, but an alarm system was added to the project.  The system will call someone if the septic pump fails, so the problem can be corrected quickly.

North Winneshiek School Board members said they were pleased with the qualifications of Blazek Corporation, which is experienced in such projects.  The company will begin work on the project in another couple of weeks and faces a completion deadline of September 27th.

North Winneshiek will continue to use its existing septic system until the new system is completed.