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The last day of classes is Friday at the North Winneshiek School, but there's a good chance the school board will vote Monday to install a new septic system at the school

Posted: Sun, Jun 2, 2019 3:40 PM

A special session of the North Winneshiek School Board is scheduled for Monday afternoon to discuss bids on a new septic system for North Winn School.

School board members appear ready to approve the low bid of $154,400 for a new septic system--even though the future of the school building is up in the air.  Some members of the Interim Decorah School Board have expressed concerns about the project because of the cost and the undetermined future of the school.

But North Winneshiek School District officials point to a 1959 advisory opinion about school reorganizations that said an existing school district could spend money up until the day it was consolidated into a new school district.  The Decorah School District will inherit North Winneshiek's financial balances on July 1st, but if the septic tank bid is approved, the balance would be $154,400 less than expected.

Decorah school officials say they have checked with Keystone AEA about whether the North Winneshiek School Board's action is proper, but they also say it's unlikely they would contest such an action in court.