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Decorah Education Association and Decorah Community School District reach a tentative master contract agreement

Posted: Tue, May 14, 2019 9:59 AM

The Decorah Education Association (DEA) and the Decorah Community School District have reached a tentative agreement for the 2019-20 master contract.

The agreement keeps in a contract all of the terms permitted under the new collective bargaining law. The agreement proposes an increase of 2.91% in district cost for salary. With increased costs for insurance and other items, the total district cost comes to $281,031.

In 2017, the Iowa Legislature and Governor gutted public employee collective bargaining, mandating that many items be removed from public employee contracts. This was the first year the District and DEA negotiated under the new law.

"The Governor and our local Iowa legislators went out of their way to hurt Iowa teachers and other public employees," said Decorah teacher and DEA negotiator Steve Peterson. "The agreement we reached with the school district shows what good will and respect can accomplish."

Superintendent Mike Haluska added, "In light of the Legislature's dismantling of Chapter 20, I feel DEA representatives and the representatives of the District were able to rise above the political pettiness and put together a sound plan representing the best interests of all. I have a great deal of admiration for our teachers and how they approached these proceedings. This would seem to truly be a win-win solution!"