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Paul Scott comment: 33 flags--signs that Decorah is a good community

Posted: Sun, May 12, 2019 3:17 PM

(The following is Comment by's Paul Scott):

"I'm a Chicago Bears fan.  That means I'm constantly trying to put down fans of the Green Bay Packers or the Minnesota Vikings.  It's fun.  Bonding with other fans who support the same thing you do is enjoyable. But the truth is--if I were to admit it--that Packers fans and Vikings fans are not worse than Bears fans.  We're all imperfect people, whether we admit that or not.

Which brings me to the reaction of some Decorah residents over the weekend to the 33 Pride flags flying in downtown Decorah.  I understand, from rooting for my football team, why some people might want to root for their heterosexual lifestyle.

But the truth is--if we were to admit it--that heterosexuals are just as imperfect as people who are LGBTQ, which is to say there's no point in demanding that American flags should have been flown instead.

I would hope the 33 Pride flags are a sign that many Decorah residents understand that people are pretty much all the same.  That's worth celebrating--no matter what lifestyle you lead."