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Ask The Answer Person: "What's the meaning of the signs which say 'No UTVs Allowed'?"

Posted: Thu, May 9, 2019 5:19 PM
This sign is on Meadowlark Drive

Diane e-mails: "We returned to the Decorah area recently and noted some new signage on gravel roads.  What do the signs saying 'No UTVs Allowed' mean?"

The Answer Person says:  "Thanks for your question.  'Utility Terrain Vehicles,' or 'UTVs' are names which are similar to 'ATVs' or 'All-Terrain Vehicles' because both are types of recreational off-road vehicles. 

Last July more than 100 people gathered at the Winneshiek County Fairgrounds to support a drive to allow ATVs and UTVs to be allowed on gravel roads in Winneshiek County.  Local ATV/UTV enthusiasts worked with county officials to get the ordinance passed in November of last year.

The new ordinance allows UTVs to ride on county gravel roads with 200 or fewer drivers per day, as measured by the Iowa Department of Transportation.  That means, however, that 17 county roads with more than 200 vehicles a day do not allow UTV traffic, which explains why the signs have gone up."