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City of Calmar joins City of Decorah in opposing Alliant Energy rate hike application

Posted: Mon, May 6, 2019 2:51 PM

The City of Calmar has sent a letter to the Iowa Utilities Board, stating the city council's objections to the proposed Alliant Electric rate increase.

The letter, dated one week ago, March 29th, and just posted to the Iowa Utilities Board website, states 40 percent of Calmar's residents are low to moderate income and "these residents' Social Security checks are not rising over 25 percent and the working people are not receiving a 25 percent pay increase."  The letter says some Calmar residents will have to choose whether to pay their electric bill or buy groceries.

The letter also discusses the impact the proposed rate increases would have on the City of Calmar budget: "The city has no way to raise our revenue to compensate for these large increases (varying from 10.01 percent to 25.29 percent for the city).  "We are currently paying Alliant between $7,000 and $12,000 monthly already.  Adding over 25 percent to these figures makes it very difficult for a small city to function and provide services to our residents."

The letter concludes by asking the Iowa Utility Board to deny Alliant's proposed rate increases.  The IUB will meet in Des Moines in October to discuss the rate hike application.