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Ask The Answer Person: "Luther's wind turbine hasn't turned for a few weeks what is the problem?"

Posted: Thu, Apr 11, 2019 3:54 PM

Ray e-mails: "Luther's wind turbine hasn't turned for a few weeks--what is the problem?"

The Answer Person says: "We've had several people ask about the Luther wind turbine, so we're having several people provide an answer!  Luther's Jim Martin-Scramm notes, 'Many of us in Decorah are so used to seeing the turbine spinning that we notice when it doesn't.'  The wind turbine stopped working awhile ago when a couple of electrical components failed.  Luther's Jay Uthoff says, 'We are waiting on some parts that are critical for the safe operation of the turbine. We are currently working with General Electric to source the parts through their suppliers.'  Says Martin-Schramm, 'It is taking some time because vendors fill needs for large wind farms before they accommodate single turbine projects like ours.'  Says Uthoff, 'Once we receive the parts, we will have our service technicians onsite to install, test and then place the turbine back in service.'"