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Alliant Energy says their proposed rate increase is lower than the figure publicized

Posted: Sun, Apr 7, 2019 2:37 PM

Officials with Alliant Energy say changes in the rules about publicizing rate increase requests have created some confusion about the size of their proposed rate increase in Iowa.

Alliant spokesperson Mike Wagner says the Iowa Utilities Board now requires utilities to discuss only charges which are increasing and not charges which will remain the same.  For instance, proposed base residential electrical rates would increase 24.5 percent under the petition submitted by Alliant to the IUB, but base residential charges are only part of what goes into a monthly bill--there are also charges for usage of transmission lines, fuel costs and energy efficiency programs.  Those amount to roughly one-third of the average residential customer's monthly bill.

Wagner says the typical monthly residential electric bill would increase from $116 to $136 if Alliant's request is approved.  That's a 17 percent increase--still double digit, but two-thirds of the 24.5 percent figure the Iowa Utility Board required Alliant to use.