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Bluffton Road will be repaved in 2021

Posted: Mon, Apr 8, 2019 2:21 PM

Winneshiek County will repave the Bluffton Road in the summer of 2021.  That was the word Monday from county supervisors, who met with Bluffton area resident Zach Fromm to talk about the road.

County Engineer Lee Bjerke told Fromm two box culverts under Bluffton Road would be extended this summer, then in the summer of 2021 the entire surface of the road will be milled and a new surface will be paved.

Fromm told Bjerke and county supervisors Monday that he'd like to see the road fixed soon because "there are some precarious potholes."  Bjerke said county crews are at work this week to do some patching.

County supervisor Dean Thompson reassured Fromm that, "after Pole Line Road, our next big project is Bluffton Road."  But supervisors Mark Kuhn also cautioned Fromm that the county is trying to get a lot of road and bridge projects done in the next few years.

Fromm and the county officials also discussed bike traffic on the road, with Bjerke saying it would be "cost prohibitive" to widen Bluffton Road the necessary 5 to 6 feet to accommodate a bike lane.  County officials also said grant funds to help pay for bike lane projects are in short supply now, with a lot of applications filed, so it's difficult to get help in paying for bike lane additions.