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Twelve St. Benedict students have qualified for the State History Day competition.

Posted: Thu, Mar 14, 2019 5:11 PM

41 students from St. Benedict School in Decorah took part in the National History Day district competition in Decorah, with twelve students qualifying for the state competition April 29th in Des Moines.

State finalists and their projects are:

--Individual Documentary: Jenna Hartz, "Tragedy & Triumph in the Pacific: A Decisive Victory at Midway"
--Group Exhibit: Ellen Rooney, Sami Mount, and Jaden Weis, "Lewis W. Hine: Triumphing Over Child Labor"
--Group Exhibit: Reid Kuehner and Cole Christopher, "Agent Orange: The Tragedy with No Triumph"
--Historical Paper: Justin Berlage, "Triumph and Tragedy: Penicillin's Discovery and Repercussions"
--Individual Performance: Alex Kane, "Triumph After Tragedy: Frances Perkins and the New Deal"
--Group Performance: Davis Coppola and Mason Myers, "Penicillin: The Accidental Triumph and Impending Tragedy of Bacterial Evolution"
--Group Website: Aiden Burroughs and Nathaniel Myers, "Triumph and Tragedy: The Missions to the Moon"