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Luther College and Gundersen Health Decorah partner on a student internship

Posted: Wed, Mar 13, 2019 9:48 AM

Gundersen Decorah Clinic hosted a Luther College student, senior James Conway, for a 2019 January Term 2019 internship.

"Some of my prominent shadowing experiences were in the Childhood and Adolescent Psychiatry, Orthopedics, Family Practice, and Podiatry departments," says Conway, who is a neuroscience major at Luther.

In addition to observing professionals, he followed the patients' journeys through the medical system. "In one instance I got a chance to be in the pre-op and post-op appointment along with also being present for their surgery. Getting to see a patient go through all steps of their medical care really shed light on how important every member of the healthcare team is," says Conway.

Through this internship, Conway learned that being in the medical profession included continuing to challenge yourself every day. "Providers operate on a hectic schedule and it seems they need to always be in two places at once. However, the best are still able to make a meaningful connection with each patient they work with," reflects Conway.

The Gundesen Decorah Clinic experience made an impression on Conway.  "As a fly on the wall I got to witness how great providers interacted with their patients and were able to approach difficult medical problems with a sense of confidence that they could appropriately assist the person," he says.