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Decorah's air quality has taken a turn for the worse this week

Posted: Wed, Mar 13, 2019 8:07 AM

Air Quality Index readings in Decorah have surpassed the 150 AQI level several times in the past week.  At those levels, everyone may begin to experience health effects, while people especially sensitive to poor air quality may experience more serious health effects.

Typically Decorah's air quality readings are worse during the winter, when there isn't a strong wind to blow away emissions from cars and trucks and other sources.

Air Quality Index readings in the Decorah area this past week have been three to four times higher than in Des Moines, Iowa's largest metropolitan area. 

For Decorah AQI readings, visit

For Des Moine's results, visit

Decorah's Air Quality Index readings are typically worst during morning commutes (7am to 9am)