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Decorah HS students compete at the State Individual Speech Contest

Posted: Mon, Mar 11, 2019 10:02 AM

Decorah High School students participated in State Individual Speech Contest at Waldorf University on Saturday, with the varsity team receiving 20 division one ratings and the 9th grade team receiving 6 division one ratings. The students are coached by Molly Holkesvik, Carrie Kauffman, Gabe Twedt, and Kristen Underwood.

Varsity team members receiving a Division 1 Rating were:
--Jordyn Hussain and Leila Johnson in Solo Musical Theater
--Celia Lesmeister and Sawyer Vanden Brink in Spontaneous Speaking
--Stacia Sexton, Abby Hanson and Peter Wilson in Radio News Announcing
--Sydney Landstrom, Storme Barr and Billy Lange in Expository Address
--Sarah Pedlar and Maillie McCabe in Original Oratory
--Gabe Anderson and Christian Johnson in After Dinner Speaking
--Ally Bouska in Acting
--Natalie Tapscott in Literary Program
--Owen Burgdorf-Hibbs in Poetry
--Emma Fretheim in Prose
--Kendra Bigler, Maddie Putnam and Kaj Spencer in Storytelling

9th grade team members receiving a Division 1 Rating were:
--Landan Folkedahl in Public Address
--Anya Lovstuen in Radio News Announcing
--Anya Lovstuen in Review
--Dylan Muhlbauer in Expository Address
--Madi Castro in Original Oratory
--Grace Bachelder in Acting

Other individuals who also competed at the district contest were Amber Hussain, Grace Robison and Mikiah Krieg in Solo Musical Theater; Tyler Irwin and Landan Folkedahl in Improvisation; Keely Hermanson and Payton Schutte in Literary Program; Sarah Mumford in Poetry; Kendra Bigler in Storytelling; Madi Castro in Prose and Simon Mumford in Acting.