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Aase Haugen has created an archive room to display historical artifacts and share stories

Posted: Wed, Feb 6, 2019 9:18 AM

Aase Haugen Senior Services has gathered items from its more than a century of history into one room.  With the help of Luther College J-Term student Caroline Handley Aase Haugen has begun curating the lives of many people who have either lived or worked at Aase Haugen Homes, or supported the development and growth of senior services.

"This internship really gave me a new appreciation for local history," says Handley. "It is an amazing opportunity to work with items that had been hidden away and to be able to give people the opportunity to view them, learn more, and inspire an appreciation for this organization."

"Today, we are embarking on another epic time for Aase Haugen Senior Services," says Aase Haugen Executive Director Jeffrey Schmidt. "The usefulness of the current facility has long worn out, and we plan to build a new facility to meet the needs of our ever-changing senior population." The new facility will include a historical area to display some the artifacts from Aase Haugen's history and share stories.  "We are asking the public to contact us if they have items, photos and stories they would share or donate to add to our collection," says Schmidt. "Even if the item isn't something people would want to part with, we'd still like to learn the stories and photograph the items for posterity."

If you have items or information to share, please contact Tracy Essa at Aase Haugen Senior Services, 563-382-6521 or email to