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Rob Sand believes the former Iowa Finance Authority Director should pay some of the settlement money in sexual harassment lawsuits

Posted: Tue, Feb 5, 2019 2:14 PM

Decorah native Rob Sand, who is now Iowa's State Auditor, is attracting attention for his vote against giving $4.15 million in taxpayer money to two state employees who say they were sexually harassed by former Iowa Finance Authority Director Dave Jamison.

Sand is not opposed to the settlement, he's opposed to who will pay for it--Iowa taxpayers.  He told KCCI-TV Des Moines, "If we want to stop sexual harassment, if we want to reduce it, then we need to start making people be held accountable when they do it."  Sand called Jamison's behavior "reprehensible" and urged the state to go after Jamison for some of the money.

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