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Battle over the absentee ballots in Iowa's House District 55 has nothing compared with a Kentucky legislative race

Posted: Sun, Feb 3, 2019 5:00 PM

Last Monday, January 28th, the Iowa House of Representatives approved a committee recommendation to not count 29 absentee ballots cast in the Iowa House District 55 in Winneshiek County.

This issue of whether to count the ballots has been discussed in various forums for three months.  But it appears the Iowa controversy is nothing when compared to a state legislative race in Kentucky, where a recount has led to a dead heat in one district.

A story written by Associated Press and posted on Yahoo News ( says "A recount in a Kentucky state House race originally won by a Democrat by a single vote has ended in a tie after the local board of elections decided to open and count five absentee ballots that had previously been rejected," adding, "It's unclear what comes next."

That might be because--as happened in Iowa--the issue now goes to the Kentucky legislature's "Election Contest Committee," which is made up of six Republicans and three Democrats.  Also as happened in Iowa, the Election Contest Committee must send a report to the full state legislature, which will have to vote on what to do.  In Kentucky, however, state law says any election ending in a tie must be resolved by drawing lots.