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Ask The Answer Person: "When will Highway 9 be paved from Decorah to Lansing?"

Posted: Wed, Jan 9, 2019 11:31 AM

Jason e-mails: "When will the DOT finish the Highway 9 overlay from the Highway 52 Intersection in Decorah to Lansing?"

Mr. Answer Person says: "We're not sure where you heard the Iowa Department of Transportation planned to do this.  We checked with Iowa DOT spokesperson Pete Hjelmstad, who tells us, 'We have an Iowa 9 project scheduled for the upcoming construction season in the City of Waukon.  This is a resurfacing project that starts at the south junction with Iowa 76 and runs 3 miles to the north city limits of Waukon.  This also involves sidewalk replacement/ADA work along this stretch of highway.'

There are no other Highway 9 projects listed on the DOT's 5-year road schedule, however.  Other roads in Northeast Iowa are in worse condition and so will be a higher priority in the DOT's to-do list."