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What were the most-read stories of 2018?

Posted: Mon, Jan 7, 2019 8:10 AM

(We've listed our nominations for the Top Ten local news stories of 2018 in Decorah.  But readers voted every day by deciding which stories to click on.  So here are the Top Ten most-read local news stories of 2018, determined by our readers):

#10: 6,395 clicks: Six large Decorah businesses say they oppose an electric utility in Decorah (

#9: 6,719 clicks: A Winneshiek County woman was sentenced to two years probation in a child endangerment case.  (

#8: 6,861 clicks: A February crash claimed the lives of two Decorah teenagers.  (

#7: 7,239 clicks: Menards submits a site plan to the City of Decorah for a 209,000 square foot store in Decorah (

#6: 7,351 clicks: A Florida woman drowns in the Upper Iowa River.  (

#5: 7,385 clicks: Decorah Police respond to a "brutal" assault in July.  (

#4: 7,539 clicks: Attempted murder charges are filed against the two men accused of the assault.  (

#3: 8,479 clicks: Menards announces it is dropping plans to build a store in Decorah.  (

#2: 10.299 clicks: The US Postal Service didn't postmark 29 ballots, so the ballots might not be counted.  (

#1: 31,011 clicks: A U.S. Postal Service spokesperson says it's not possible to use the Post Office's "Informed Delivery" service to track mail-in ballots.  (