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Kayla Koether is continuing her drive to get all votes counted in Iowa House District 55

Posted: Sun, Jan 6, 2019 4:26 PM

In one week--on January 14th--the Iowa Legislature will reconvene.  When it does, it will be asked to respond to a petition filed by Democrat Kayla Koether involving the ballots cast in Iowa House District 55.

Koether's petition asks the Iowa House to open and count every validly cast ballot; to re-canvass the House District 55 election so that all validly cast ballots are included and to re-certify the House Dist 55 election. has contacted Iowa House of Representatives Chief Clerk Carmine Boal, who said in a statement, "I am able to confirm that the (petition) was received by my office from the Secretary of State on Friday, December 21.  The Speaker (of the Iowa House) was then notified of the document.  It is safe to assume that whatever procedure is followed will not be done until the Legislature convenes on Monday, January 14.  The process to be followed has not yet been determined at this time." 

The Des Moines Register reports that it has contacted the offices of House Speaker Linda Upmeyer of Clear Lake and a spokesperson for Upmeyer, Communications Director Colin Tadlock, "declined to comment about what the top Republican will do."

In other words, the fate of Koether's petition won't be known for at least another week.