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2018 was the second wettest year in Decorah in the last 125

Posted: Wed, Jan 2, 2019 3:46 PM

Yes, it was wet in Decorah in 2018.

Decorah meteorologist Richard Bernatz says a total of 54.37 inches of precipitation fell during the 12-month period--more than 21 inches more than the average over the last 125 years.

Three months during 2018 in Decorah had more than eight inches of precipitation--May, June and September.  More than 5 inches of precipitation fell in October, which meant it ranked 5th out of 125 Octobers for which records have been kept.

The wettest year in Decorah weather statistics history was 2016, which means two of the past three years have been the wettest ever years in the last 125 years in Decorah.

Bernatz also says the average temperature in Decorah in 2018 was 47.19 degrees, which is almost one degree higher than the annual average temperature.  That meant 2018 ranked 39th on the list of warmest calendar years on record in Decorah.