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New districts and terms established for the new Decorah Community School Board

Posted: Wed, Dec 5, 2018 7:32 PM

The Decorah Community School Board has now established the district areas and terms for its new Board of Directors, effective July 1. The merger of North Winneshiek and Decorah Community Schools required newly established districts, each with approximately equal districts of about 4500 residents. Roughly speaking,  District 1 includes the northwest part of the district; District 2 includes the southeast; and District 3 is a center portion that includes most of Decorah.  There will be two at-large representatives.

The directors discussed and decided what positions, and what terms, they would fill for the new board.

District 1         Ben Lange                expiration 2019
District 2         Ron Fadness            expiration 2021
District 3        John Hjelle                 expiration 2019
At-large          Krista Vanden Brink    expiration 2021
At-large          Brian Petersburg         expiration 2019

The first election for new board members will be in November, 2019, for four year terms.