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Winneshiek County asks judge: Which 33 ballots?

Posted: Wed, Dec 5, 2018 2:27 PM

The lawsuit filed by Democratic State Assembly candidate Kayla Koether to require Winneshiek County to count 33 ballots received after Election Day refers to 33 ballots.  But an objection filed by Winneshiek County with the Polk County Court is asking for clarification about which 33 ballots the judge is referring to.

The filing by the county states, "While 33 ballots were submitted to the Winneshiek County Auditor's Office after the date of the election, one of these ballots was unsigned.  Another ballot was for another House District rather than House District 55.  Two ballots were received after the start of the canvas on November 13th."

Polk County Judge Scott Beattie has ordered the Winneshiek County Auditor to act by Wednesday to get information from the US Post Office on whether 33 uncounted absentee ballots were put in the mail in time to be counted in the November 6th election.  But Winneshiek County officials have raised several questions asking for clarification from Judge Beattie about his ruling.

With Wednesday being a federal holiday because of the funeral of former president George HW Bush and because the Decorah postmaster has asked Post Office officials for an opinion on whether to comply with the judge's ruling, the Wednesday deadline apparently will not be met.