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Winneshiek County officials tell judge: We have no control over what the US Postal Service does

Posted: Tue, Dec 4, 2018 4:03 PM

Winneshiek County has filed a second formal objection to a judge's order for an injunction in the Iowa House District 55 election.

In a document filed in Polk County District Court, Winneshiek County says the judge's order needs clarification--not just about which 33 ballots the court referenced in its order Monday morning, but just how the county can compel the US Postal Service to act.

The objection states Winneshiek County "has contacted the US Postal Service to inquire as to the USPS cooperation in complying with the Court's Order.  The local postmaster has advised that he could not tell (Winneshiek County) if the USPS would read the bar codes referred to in the Court Order.  The local postmaster has submitted that question to legal counsel for the US Postal Service.  (Winneshiek County) is left without a means to comply with the Court order if the US Postal Service does not agree to reading the bar codes or does not respond within the time frame directed by the Court."

The county asks that Judge Steven Beattie give further guidance on how Winneshiek County could comply with the judge's Monday ruling.  The filing by Winneshiek County also asks that county officials be given the chance to participate in any future hearings by telephone.