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Ask Mr. Answer Person: "Is this bike rider making a mistake?"

Posted: Thu, Nov 8, 2018 4:56 PM

(Stan e-mails: "I noticed this photo on your report regarding the Community Visioning Group and Montgomery Street.  I was taught that when crossing at a crosswalk with a bicycle, you were to walk it across as a pedestrian. So this photo is not correct?")

Mr. Answer Person says: "Like you, I was also taught by my parents to get off my bicycle and walk it across the street on a crosswalk.  It turns out that might have been in the same category as, 'Eat your lima beans—they're good for you!'  Mr. Answer Person has checked both the State of Iowa ordinances and the City of Decorah ordinances and could find nothing in either that states such a requirement.

Mind you, Mr. Answer Person thinks this is good advice—but the kid in this picture isn't breaking any laws.  Whew!"