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Voter turnout levels set a record in the entire state of Iowa

Posted: Wed, Nov 7, 2018 4:18 PM

Of the 14,162 people registered to vote in Tuesday's election in Winneshiek County, 9,935 of them cast ballots, which amounted to a 70.15 percent turnout.  But it was not just in Winneshiek County where turnout levels set records for a mid-term election.

The Iowa Secretary of State Office says more than 1,320,000 voters cast ballots statewide.  That is the highest mark for a mid-term election in state history. The previous record was set in 2014, with 1,142,311 votes.

Almost 61 percent of Iowa's registered voters participated in the November 2018 election. That is the highest point for a mid-term election since 1994, when turnout topped 62 percent.

As of November 1, there were 2,013,141 active registered voters in Iowa. That is the highest registration total leading into a general election in state history.

The Iowa Secretary of State's Office also announced that it has randomly selected precincts in all 99 counties to conduct a post-election audit.  Winneshiek County's post-election audit will involve Precinct #5.  County auditors and staff will hand-count ballots in precincts to ensure the vote totals are accurate. The post-election audits will be completed next week.