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Winneshiek County residents go to the polls in record numbers for a mid-term election

Posted: Wed, Nov 7, 2018 7:09 AM

70 percent of registered Winneshiek County voters went to the polls on Tuesday, a record for non-presidential elections.

14,162 people were registered to vote in Tuesday's election in Winneshiek County.  9,935 of them cast ballots, which amounts to a 70.15 percent turnout. 

By contrast, in 2014 8,363 out of 13,225 registered voters in Winneshiek County voted.  Tuesday night's election was more like a presidential election--in 2016, 11,511 ballots were cast out of 14,065 registered voters.

For complete, unofficial election results from Winneshiek County, click on the link below.  The election results will become official next Monday, when the Winneshiek County Board canvasses the results.