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New Decorah School Superintendent should be hired by the end of January

Posted: Wed, Oct 10, 2018 8:39 PM

On Wednesday night the Interim Decorah Community School Board began work with Grundmeyer Leader Search in their search for a new superintendent of schools to replace retiring Superintendent Mike Haluska.

The first order of business was to finalize and sign the consulting contract for $13,263.94, and make the initial payment of $2500. Grundmeyer will coordinate virtually all major aspects of the recruiting and hiring process.

Most of the meeting was spent determining the search and hiring timeline:

Stakeholder survey open: October 19-29. The survey will be available to all major stakeholders and the general public. This survey essentially helps a new superintendent view the "pulse of the community," as well as highlight potential areas of emphasis for questions in the interview process.
Application period: November 5 January 1. Grundmeyer will provide a variety of publicity methods to announce the position vacancy. They are confident the position will elicit very qualified candidates.
Screening all applications: January 7. Grundmeyer and the School Board will screen all the applications, narrowing the field to 6-8 candidates.
Initial interviews: January 22. Grundmeyer and the School Board will conduct brief "Google Interviews" of the 6-8 candidates. They will screen that pool of candidates down to 3 candidates.
Final interviews of 3 finalists: January 28. The finalists will all interview on the same day, with staggered schedules. They will meet with a variety of stakeholders such as teachers, administrators, support staff and community members. The Board anticipates making a final decision that night, with Grundmeyer making a final offer and negotiating as necessary on the same evening. Final candidates will be advised they should be able to make a commitment that night if offered a position.