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Letter to the Editor: Vote for Rob Sand for State Auditor

Posted: Wed, Oct 10, 2018 4:42 PM

(The following Letter to the Editor has been submitted by former Decorah HS teacher Susan Cantine-Maxson):

"Wake up the watchdog" is a clever slogan for a campaign. That is only one aspect of Rob Sand's personality.  I taught Rob in high school.  Not only was he a clever, funny, personable, smart student, he was a person who was determined, even as a young adult.  My first recollection of Rob's determination was when he championed the cause of a skate park in Decorah.  He worked tirelessly for several years, helping to raise funds, talking to city officials and convincing people it could be done. That goal became reality.

Then I knew Rob as a student in speech and drama activities. He was a quick study, a good improvisational actor and a fun person to work with. His determination and solid work ethic paid off with numerous awards. In addition to talent, he also had brains. He studied hard and was always someone who would speak his mind and support what he said. He was determined to make a difference and leave his mark on Decorah High School. That goal became reality.

As a lawyer working for the Iowa Attorney General's office, Sand began pursuing criminals who had been scamming the system, first the film credit business and then the lottery. Rob doggedly pursued these white-collar criminals until he successfully brought them to justice, saving the state millions of dollars. That goal became reality.

Now, Rob is running for State Auditor. Once again, Rob has pursued this office with diligence, just as he has tackled so many other causes in his life. I have no doubt that he will, indeed, be a watchdog and look for ways the state can save money and stop any illicit expenditures. The state auditor does not need to be a CPA, according to the Iowa Constitution. S/he has to be a person who can supervise audits, who can critically assess the legality of expenditures and who can stand up for the practical and ethical use of our tax dollar.   Rob will figure out ways to make the system work better. He'll doggedly pursue what is right and fair.

He has my vote and I hope he can count on yours. His past has shown me that he is a person who we know will make a difference in the future. I have no doubt that just as he has achieved so much in the past, that goal will become a reality.

Please vote for Rob Sand on November 6th. He is a person who will protect our tax dollars and our state."