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Letter to the Editor: "How much tax benefits are expected from the new Menards store?"

Posted: Sun, Oct 7, 2018 1:07 PM

(The following Letter to the Editor has been submitted by Bob Puffer of Decorah):

"Much has been said about Menards offsetting taxes for residents since "Menards will assist in the overall tax burden," but what is the actual plan? What's proposed at this time? How much would Menards' contribution to the tax base offset an average resident's taxes? Would a Decorah taxpayer expect to pay $100 less per year? more? less?

What tax concessions is the city being asked to make so Menards is "willing" to come into our place? I'd love to hear from Menards and the City Council on this specific issue.

The questions are easy:
- To the City Council: How much tax benefits are expected?  How much will be available to tax relief?  How much will be available for community projects from having Menards place a store in Decorah?
- To Menards: What specific non-tax related benefits will be gained by current Decorah residents from you establishing a store in Decorah?  By what method do you quantify it?"