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Decorah Police warn about the latest scam

Posted: Tue, Oct 2, 2018 5:22 PM

The Decorah Police Department says it has been receiving complaints regarding a ransom type of scam.

The local residents reporting the scam say they received an e-mail or regular Postal Service mail message in which there was a threat that the writer knew the recipient's secret and would publicly disclose it or disclose the secret to the recipient's family.  The sender gave instructions on how to submit money in order to stop the disclosure. 

Says the Police Department, "This is a scam designed to scare people into sending money.  Please immediately delete these emails and do not reply in any way.  Under no circumstances should you send money or disclose personal information."

 If you have any questions about any on-line attempt to obtain money from you, which you did not initiate with a legitimate entity, please contact the Decorah Police Department at 382-3667.