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Winneshiek County Jail gets two good inspection reviews

Posted: Mon, Oct 1, 2018 4:38 PM

The Winneshiek County Jail is getting some good reviews.  

A representative from the State Jail Inspector's Office has completed an annual jail inspection.  The inspector concluded that the Winneshiek County Jail was well run and maintained.  There were no areas listed as being in need of change or improvement.

A representative from Disability Rights Iowa also visited the jail recently.  DRI is a protection and advocacy law firm which advocates for the rights of Iowa citizens with disabilities.  The representative visited the jail to ensure that inmates with mental illness or disabilities had proper accommodations and important services including suicide prevention within the jail setting.
The DRI representative also said there were no areas in need of improvement or change at the jail. 

The state jail inspector and the DRI representative were told about the pending jail technology upgrade project and both agreed this project is vitally important in ensuring the jail continues to stay up-to-date and operates at its full potential.  

Winneshiek County Sheriff Dan Marx praised the jail staff for their continued commitment to the safety and security of the inmates, staff and citizens of Winneshiek County and promised, "We are committed to being good stewards of our county resources and will continue to ensure our jail operation remains among the best in the State of Iowa."