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Nearly 3-inch rainstorm August 28th makes August a wet month in Decorah

Posted: Mon, Sep 3, 2018 4:33 PM

Eight of the last 12 months in Decorah have been wetter than normal.  August might not have fallen into that category, except for 2.95 inches of rain that fell August 28th.  That left Decorah with a total of 5.01 inches of rain in August--0.93 inches more than normal.

Precipitation totals have been 10.24 inches higher than normal in the last six months and 10.54 inches higher than normal in the last 12 months.

Meanwhile, the average temperature in Decorah was 71.9 degrees in August, which was 1.6 degrees warmer than average.  Temperatures ranged from 48 degrees on August 22nd to 89 degrees on August 27th.  Compared with August 2018, 24 Augusts in Decorah have been warmer and 101 Augusts have been cooler.