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Iowa Agriculture Secretary: "We need to see progress" in resolving tariff fights with other countries

Posted: Thu, Jul 12, 2018 11:51 AM
Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig (center) talks with farmers outside the Winneshiek County Community of Hope booth at the Winneshiek County Fair

Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig stopped at the Winneshiek County Fair as part of a tour of 14 communities this week.  Naig listened to remarks from farmers at the Fair.

He told that the present trade war between the United State and China is a "top-of-mind issue."  Naig says farmers understand the big picture of relations between China and the U.S. and that that includes issues that need to be tackled, including the theft of intellectual property by Chinese corporations.

On the other hand, says Naig, the patience of Iowa farmers "is wearing thin" and farmers want to see actions taken to resolve the dispute.

On another issue, Naig says the resignation of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is good news for Iowa farmers.  He says Pruitt never took steps to support the Renewable Fuels Standard which helps the ethanol marketplace.  Naig is optimistic the EPA will allow ethanol to be sold year-round, a position favored by President Donald Trump.