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UPDATE: Ask Mr. Answer Person "What is the correct use of the parking spaces by the Woolen Mills Apartments?"

Posted: Mon, Jul 9, 2018 10:59 AM

(Peggy e-mails: "A few weeks ago I went to the Farmers Market and parked in the lot near the Woolen Mills Apartments. When I got back to my car, I was chastised for parking there because those spots were 'reserved for the renters of the apartments'. I did not see any restricted parking signs, maybe there were some and I totally missed them. If it is a city lot, I should be able to park anywhere I want in the lot. Maybe the apartment owner pays the city a fee for the reserved spaces in which case I should not park there. What is the correct use of those spaces?"):

Mr. Answer Person says: "Northeast Iowa Community Action Housing Director Jeremy Jostad explains, 'The Woolen Mill parking has included all the parking in front of the building and 8 spaces in the center so there is at least one parking spot per apartment (the 8 center spaces are the 8 spaces off Court Street front to back 4 rows deep and they typically give up the 4 spaces furthest from Court Street for the Saturday Farmer's market so there are more spaces for vendors).
We need to ensure our tenants have enough parking for themselves, guests and workers that come to the building. We have debated over the years whether or not to have removable signs or cones installed (at Woolen Mill's expense) identifying their spaces but have never had significant issues with not having enough parking other than fair week and Nordic Fest week.'

Decorah City Manager Chad Bird says although there are no signs posted (they would interfere with winter snow removal), each designated parking space has 'RESERVED' painted on the pavement.

Bird explains the lot is repainted every year, and painting crews are out now repainting all around town. The goal is to have all of the painting done before Nordic Fest.