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Saturday storms with strong winds and heavy rains cause damage in Winneshiek County

Posted: Sun, Jul 1, 2018 3:54 PM
Tree damage was widespread (Photo by Paul Scott)

Winneshiek County was hit twice by storms on Saturday afternoon.

The first storm broke branches on numerous trees and knocked out power in several locations.  The second storm blew over a fireworks tent in the Decorah Walmart parking lot.

Two to three inches of rain was reported in some portions of Winneshiek County, although the National Weather Service put the official total at 1.4 inch just east of Decorah.

But it was the wind more than the rain that caused damages, with chain saws running in many locations Sunday morning.

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Winds toppled a fireworks tent (Photo courtesy of Randy Iverson)
This Freeport home lost power after tree branches crashed to the ground (Photo courtesy of Dick Stephenson)
High winds hit the Decorah Swimming Pool (Photo courtesy of Kerry Johnson)
Sarah Leidahl e-mailed this photo, which was taken heading into Decorah as the storm started. She says on tbe right side above the building it almost looks like a funnel cloud