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Decorah Fish Hatchery is renamed in honor of Chuck Gipp of Decorah

Posted: Wed, Jun 13, 2018 4:50 PM
Chuck Gipp with wife Ranae and daughter Allison in front of the new sign

In a brief ceremony Wednesday afternoon, the Decorah Fish Hatchery was renamed "The Chuck Gipp Decorah Fish Hatchery" in honor of the Decorah native and long-time state representative who served six years as DNR Director before retiring earlier this year.

The Chair of the Iowa Natural Resources Commission, Margo Underwood, told a crowd at the Fish Hatchery the new name "is thrilling for all of us," because it honors someone who has shown "outstanding preserve and protect our natural resources in Iowa.

DNR Acting Director Bruce Trautman, State Representative Michael Bergan and Fish Hatchery manager Brian Malaise also made comments at the ceremony. 

Gipp spoke of the lessons he was taught by his mother and father, who ran a farm just south of Decorah.  He said his time as DNR Director was "the culmination of my (public) service."

Several people pointed out that Gipp has taken on a new role since retiring from the DNR--he is now in charge of keeping the lawns mowed at the hatchery which now bears his name.

(Letf to right): Iowa DNR Acting Director Bruce Trautman, Natural Resources Commission chair Margo Underwood, State Representative Michael Bergan and Decorah Hatchery manager Brian Malaise
Iowa DNR Acting Director Bruce Trautman
Chuck Gipp
Posing for a group photo