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Ask Mr. Answer Person: "Would Menard's consider another site for its proposed store?"

Posted: Tue, Jun 12, 2018 1:48 PM
65-70 people attended Monday night's public hearing

(Jason e-mails: "If the proposed Menard's location is not approved would they consider another site or even another town close to Decorah such as Cresco or Waukon or even Ridgeway?")

Menard's representative Tyler Edwards was asked Monday night about the towns his company builds in and mentioned Platteville, Wisconsin, as an example of a small town with a Menard's.  But Platteville is 12,500 population, while Decorah is 8,000, so Menard's is already stretching its comfort level by coming to Decorah--Cresco, Waukon or Ridgeway would probably not make its list.

So if Menard's doesn't build at the Old Stage Road property, would it build elsewhere in Decorah--such as property that's for sale in the Decorah Business Park off Highway 9?  Edwards was asked that question Monday night--and didn't answer the question, except to say the location on Old Stage Road offers "retail synergy" with its proximity to the Walmart store."