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Aase Haugen's Music & Memory is looking for volunteers

Posted: Tue, Jun 12, 2018 11:44 AM

Aase Haugen Senior Services is experiencing tremendous growth in its third year as a certified "Music & Memory" certified care site. Music & Memory helps people in nursing homes and other care facilities to find renewed meaning and connection in their lives through the gift of personalized music on a portable device.

Aase Haugen began its Music & Memory program in 2016. Since then, 61 residents have participated in the program. Aase Haugen Activity Supervisor Andrea Hexom says, "Our goal is for every resident to be able to participate in the program if they would like to."

Hexom adds, "It is really exciting to see how residents come more alive and engaged when listening to their favorite songs. Some begin to reminisce about the good old days, and some even dance while listening to their favorite songs."

Aase Haugen is currently looking for volunteers to help with the Music & Memory program. Volunteers may participate in the following ways:

  • Help residents set up and use their Music and Memory device
  • Build or modify individualized music playlists for participating residents
  • Ensure all Music & Memory equipment is properly charged and stored
  • Listen to music with participating residents

If you are interested in volunteering for this program, please contact Andrea Hexom at or call 563 382-3603. No technical knowledge required -- training will be provided.

For more information on the Music and Memory Program visit