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More flooding photos and rainfall totals

Posted: Sun, Jun 10, 2018 1:09 PM
No danger of that!

As the National Weather Service La Crosse Office noted, "the area was hit (hard) on Saturday from a large, dangerous storm."  Rainfall totals exceeded 6 inches in some communities.

The heaviest rains fell in Fillmore County.  Spring Valley reported 6.62 inches of rainfall.  Mabel had 5.22 inches of rain.

But it was not just the heavy rains Saturday that led to flooding, it was the rain coming on ground that was already wet from two previous days of rain.  The three-day total rainfall in Bluffton was 4.50 inches, while Cresco received 5.03 inches over three days.  Mabel's three-day total was 6.82 inches, while Nora Springs in Floyd county had 8.27 inches of rain over three days.

Decorah's official rainfall total was 2.84 inches.

Trout Run Park was closed by flooding
The view from Montgomery Street
The Trout Run Trail was also closed in Freeport
There was no waiting line to use this bench