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Decorah farmer is interviewed by NBC News

Posted: Wed, Jun 6, 2018 10:40 AM
NBC's Vaughn Hillyard reports from Decorah

Bob Hemesath farms near Decorah.  He raises corn, soybeans and alfalfa and owns a hog finishing operation.  He's also a past president of Iowa Corn Growers Association and continues to serve on its board.  Hemesath has also served as president of the both the Winneshiek County Corn Growers and the Winneshiek Pork Producers.

So when NBC news wanted to find out about the impact of the US-initiated trade war with a number of foreign nations, it headed to Decorah over the weekend to speak with Hemesath.

"If we lose the export markets, it will hurt us from an economic standpoint. It will hurt the ability to provide for our family, and it will hurt the state and the nation as it will hurt our economy eventually," Bob Hemesath told NBC News correspondent Vaughn Hillyard.

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