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May weather in Decorah was hot, hot, hot!

Posted: Tue, Jun 5, 2018 4:45 PM

After an April in which seven inches of snow fell on the 18th and 19th, May in Decorah was the direct opposite.

Decorah meteorologist Richard Bernatz says temperatures averaged 65.7 degrees during the month--6.8 degrees warmer than the average.  That means that for the 124 years for which weather records have been kept in Decorah, May of 2018 was the third warmest.

May saw two days--the 27th and 28th--when the thermometer hit 94 degrees.  There were two other days in May with highs over 90 degrees.

May 2018 was also a wet month.  3.75 inches of rain fell on May 4th, contributing to a total rainfall of 9.30 inches in May.  That was more than five inches about the average rainfall and placed May of 2018 fifth on the all-time list of rainiest Mays.

For the last 12 months, rainfall is 1.09 inches higher than normal.  Ten out of the past 12 months in Decorah have been warmer than average.