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John Cline students and parents learn the value of wellness

Posted: Mon, Jun 4, 2018 17:33 PM
First graders practice their kicks in Taekwondo

Nearly 300 John Cline students and over 100 family members recently participated in a full day wellness event at John Cline Elementary School.

Students enjoyed field day games, running fun at the track, Taekwondo, soccer, yoga, Zumba/Bokwa and dance. 

The goals of this event were to introduce students and families to wellness opportunities in the community, to share the importance of physical activity, and to get kids and families moving and having fun together.

Field Day Cup Stacking Relays
Gabby Green, Noah Sears, Jordyn Heflin and Nayeli Bushman receive new helmets compliments of Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness and Upper Explorerland
Ellis Thompson and his dad blow bubbles and run at the track
Picnic with family and friends