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Planning & Zoning Commission members agree--move the Freeport Bike Trail

Posted: Mon, May 14, 2018 8:57 PM

For the most part, members of the Decorah Planning & Zoning Commission asked a lot of questions Monday night.  But there was one topic on which they all spoke out--their belief that if a Menard's store is built off Old Stage Road, the Freeport Bike Trail will need to be relocated to a path behind Menard's.

Menard's representative Tyler Edwards told Commission members it would be "somewhat silly" to replicate the bike trail in back of the proposed store.  But P & Z Commission Chair Brian Cook said the "community bike path" is used quite a bit by little kids; Commission member Tony Clarke said the Freeport Trail group worked hard to build a trail which was safe and separate from traffic; and Commission member Stan Moellers said he would worry about bigger vehicles such as pickups and trucks crossing a bike trail used by young kids.

The Planning & Zoning Commission's position on moving the bike trail is similar to the position taken by members of the 28E Trails Committee, which earlier this month said they would be opposed to having traffic cross the Freeport Bike Trail and would recommend the trail be moved if a Menard's store is built in that location.