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County officials continue to discuss a new paid time off system for county employees

Posted: Mon, May 14, 2018 12:24 PM

Winneshiek County supervisors are considering a new system of handling county employees' time off.

The proposed Paid Time Off structure would eliminate sick leave, bereavement leave and vacation.  Instead, employees would receive paid time off, with no requirement to give a reason for the absence.  PTO would not affect comp time, jury duty, holidays or unpaid leaves of absence.

In place of the sick leave and bereavement leave, county employees would receive an equivalent 12 days of PTO.  A maximum of 120 days of PTO could be banked.

During a discussion of the new plan Monday, county supervisors said at this point the new system could only cover non-union county employees, since Sheriff's Deputies, jailers and highway workers are covered by union contracts which would have to have any changes negotiated.  Supervisors took no action Monday.