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Decorah Planning & Zoning Commission will have several issues to resolve involving Menard's site plan

Posted: Sun, May 13, 2018 5:39 PM

In order for Menard's to be able to build a store off Old Stage Road in Freeport, the Decorah Planning & Zoning Commission must approve the company's site plan.

There are several issues to discuss about the site plan, in addition to the overall question of whether the site is appropriate for the store.  Parking spaces, the relocation of the Freeport Trail, traffic control and buffer zones are just some of the issues which may be discussed at the P & Z meeting Monday night.

For instance, Menard's says it will ask for a variance for the number of parking spaces in front of the store.  In a letter to City of Decorah officials, the company said, "The shoppers at a Menard's store are made up of half contractors who shop during business hours and half homeowners who shop on nights and weekends.  Those two groups do not shop at the same time, making the parking demand at a Menard's store half that of other retail stores."

Likewise, Menard's says it should not be required to install turn lanes in the exits from the store's parking lot because the store has "lower transaction volume, (so) the traffic exiting the store is not enough to require dedicated turn lanes."  The company also stated, "In the event a (traffic) signal is warranted, one can be installed, but we have built enough stores to be comfortable in saying a signal will not be needed."

The company is also asking for permission to have a smaller than required parking lot green space buffer area "because of the large amount of green space behind the store."

The Planning & Zoning Commission will review the Menard's application at 7:00 p.m. Monday at City Hall.