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Repairs needed to the repairs on Dug Road Trail

Posted: Wed, May 9, 2018 8:51 AM
A street light has begun to tilt because of the erosion

The rainy weather Decorah has been having is causing problems on the Dug Road Trail.

Last week's heavy rains eroded part of the hill on one end of the newly-repaired trail.  City and county trail officials met Wednesday to discuss how to handle the repairs.

City Engineer Lindsay Erdman says he believes the top of the trail bed is still stable, thanks in part to the "rock pillows" that were installed to keep the trail bed in place. But Erdman says the side slope is proving difficult to keep steady.  He's now looking at a project to put very big rocks at the base of the new trough which has been created by the rain--a project which could add $5,000 to $6,000 to the Dug Road Trail repair project.

The trail bed has been restored after 2016's flooding and is ready for asphalt paving but, as City Park-Rec Director Andy NImrod noted, "We can't think about asphalting until we get this done."  Of course, if the rainy weather Decorah has been having continues, that could slow the new repairs.

A barricade has been set up over a crack in the trailbed
The rest of the new trailbed is wide and attractive