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Yes, April weather in Decorah was weird!

Posted: Tue, May 1, 2018 3:04 PM

April weather in Decorah was the coldest, snowiest and most record-setting April in the more than 120 years for which records have been kept in town.

That's the summary from Luther College professor Richard Bernatz, who says there were records for cold and records for snowfall.

For instance, there were eight days with measurable snowfall in April--three more than the previous record.  Those eight days of snowfall combined to dump a total of 14.8 inches of snow on Decorah--breaking the previous record of 13.5 inches of snow set in 1973.

This April was the coldest April on record.  The average temperature of 37.4 degrees not only set a record, but was almost 10 degrees colder than average.  There were five different low temperature records set in April, including one from April 5th, when the low temperature dropped to 10 degrees.