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First on County study shows over 700 Decorah Alliant customers live outside the city limits

Posted: Wed, Apr 11, 2018 3:39 PM
The Iowa Utilities Board's map of which electric utility serves Decorah area residents

In response to questions, Winneshiek County officials have researched the situation involving people who live in Winneshiek County outside the city limits of Decorah, but get their electricity from Alliant Energy's Decorah substation.

Using the county's G-I-S software, county officials determined there are 729 "address drops" within the boundaries of Alliant's Decorah service area.  These are properties which have street addresses, which would exclude farm fields and other undeveloped properties.  However, it's possible some of the "address drops" no longer have homes, so county officials are comfortable with saying there are "roughly 700 addresses served by Alliant Energy outside the city limits."

The 2016 U.S. Census statistics for Winneshiek County show an average household size of 2.24 people.  Excluding people under the voting age would mean roughly 1,100 voters in areas served by Alliant's Decorah substation would not be eligible to vote on May 1st (for an explanation, visit our story:

A map of Winneshiek County electric distribution boundaries is available on-line at: