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Letter to the Editor: Build the new elementary school on the east end of Water Street

Posted: Mon, Apr 9, 2018 2:51 PM

(The following Letter to the Editor has been submitted by Dale Johnson of Decorah):

"I have read with interest the discussion of the new elementary school location. It appears it will impact the Park Rec department greatly. I think the new school should be down in the area from the old co-op through the old creamery.

That area is in a long plus-size block. It spans from Water Street to South Avenue.  You would not have to relocate the tennis courts.  You would not have to move the ball diamond.  It is only six blocks from the high school. People can still walk six blocks.  It appears the East Water street area will be scheduled for demolition in the future.

Traffic would be moved away from a congested area by the Post Office.  Bus traffic could load off the South Avenue  side, away from Water Street.  When John Cline is gone there still will be a green space that Decorah Bank & Trust liked. I think Day Spring was in that area, a historic site.

If you have time, please walk the perimeter of this large area. I feel it is as large an area as the one that the school board has proposed by the Post Office.  The Co-op handled semi traffic easily, as did the Creamery from both sides . Add to those spaces the area between the old buildings and it should be large enough. I think the area is close to six acres.

It should save the Park Rec department (Decorah) a lot of extra work and funds, that the city can always use."